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With thousands of loyal and satisfied customers from over 40 countries around the globe we are convinced that you too will be impressed by the level of service provided and become one of them:)

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I would like to thank the entire team for all the great support I have received in setting up my site. You guys are simply outstanding. The tools and instructions provided with the service are wonderful.

Site response is great and clearly exceeded my expectations.

Best Regards,

First of all, let me start of by saying how extremely happy I have been with your service so far. Yes, it has only been a few days, but the site was up (including DNS for my domain) in less than 18 hours. WOW. I have had no trouble accessing my admin page, and everything has been very straight forward. Even my request to enable SSH was handled in less than one hour. Truly wonderful.
For all of this, I say thanks.

Mike Hern

I'm really impressed with the set up and speed with which the domain was transferred by eroute. If this works out I'll be transferring many other domains. Thanks so much for your help w/ Perl.


Thank you very much. You guys always get back to me so quickly. I'm very impressed with your service, and I highly recommend you to people I talk to about web hosting. Thank you again.
John, please forward this to you supervisor. You guys deserve a pat on the back, and a paid day off.  

Brandon Garretson

Thank you very much!
I try your wonderful ideas. Wonderful!Thank you very much!
This site is one of the best site, because of you! I never get such a good service in my other hosting plan!

Best wishes!

yan qin

Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I have nothing but praise for the quality of your service

Thanks Again,
Harold H.

Thanks, that did it. I am now completely up and running. Thank you very much for all of your patience and hard work. I really appreciate it.

Richard McCowen

Thanks boris :) I don't know why i haven't found you
guys before, but eroute is great. I've already
recommended that my one of my clients move to you
guys, and that will be happening very soon.

thanks again!

Thanks for the quick reply. I want you to know that you guys really have super fast, and excellent service compared to other hosting providers that I've worked with.

Alana, Webmaster

Wow you're quick - very impressive.
the domain name is
and thanks again for the quick reply

Andrew Reitemeyer

Most gratefully for your never ending commitment, sympathy and amazing

Carlos M.

Thank you
You have been most helpful.

T hank you again.

M. Ross

Thank you for your prompt activation for this new domain. Your attention to service is one of the reasons I chose you for this new domain.
I have three requests....

Al Andersen

You folks absolutely rock, thanks for the amazingly quick response. Thanks again, I could not have asked for more from my hosting company. One very happy user,


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