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Secure Ecommerce Hosting / SSL Certificates


Secure your website with 128-bit SSL Certificate
.... only $ /year

Have your 128-bit SSL Certificate installed on your domain within just 48h, without lifring a finger!


What exactly is the function of the SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate will secure the connection between your customers web browser and your website/order forms. All data that customer then enters in your order/signup form is then encrypted/ scrambled and hackers and other malicious persons can not read it and misuse it. Bottom line: It'll give your visitors the confidence of knowing they're dealing with the secure site and in return it'll secure you more business!


Why do I need the SSL Certificate to secure my website?

SSL Certificate will give your customers confidence that all the information they submit through your website is safe and secure from prying eyes. Security is the main concern of internet shoppers and if you are to win clients confidence and make sales you must take necessary security measures and precautions. If you don't you'll miss out on alot of potential clients that do not wish to deal with unsecure websites.


How do I order and install an SSL Certificate?

(there is an option "Buy SSL Certificate" in hosting order form) or if you're an existing client you can order by emailing us on

Once you've ordered and paid for your SSL we'll install it on your account free of charge within 48hours. Once certificate is installed your site will be secured and ready for business!