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Guide to setting up your website for the 1st time


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Publishing your website on the web is really not rocket science. With over 4billion sites published worldwide up to date, it's gotta be simple, right? Absolutely!
Here's the overview of the process.

#1 Choose a domain name

(if you already have a domain go directly to step2)
Click here to find a suitable domain name for your site.


#2 Sign up for a hosting account with CheapWebHosting

Place an order for a hosting account by filling out our secure online order form
Max 4h after you've placed an order your new account will be setup. We'll then email you all the necessary account login details and instructions on using and managing your new hosting account.


#3 Publish your website files onto the new hosting account

Upon signup you'll receive all the login details that'll let you login to your new account and publish your files onto your web space. Files are published to your site with one click of a button.

Remember: You're not alone! We are are more than willing to give you a hand with anything you may need.

Still worried?

Just send us the CD and we'll do it all for you!

This is a curtesy service for websites containing less than 100 files. For more than 100 files a fee of $30 will apply for us to upload them for you.
 lets get started